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Disneyland Resort Trip Report - Day 2

September 9, 2013

This is Day 2 of my Five Part Disneyland Resort Trip Report. Day 1 can be found here.

Day 2 - California Adventure, Carthay Circle Restaurant, World of Color

My wife didn’t sleep very well our first night. New beds are always a bit strange, but I think the flying took a bit out of her as well. So we decided to skip the Disney Vacation Club Royal Member Gathering, get breakfast at the Storyteller’s Cafe, and just go straight to California Adventure. Well, I did … the wife decided she wanted to sleep some more and I just couldn’t wait any longer.

So I went down to the private entrance to California Adventure that they have inside the hotel to scope out the crowd for Extra Magic Hour, and it wasn’t too bad, maybe 30-40 people in front of me. They start letting people into the park about 15 minutes early, and since I was by myself, I bolted in front of the slowpokes with kids and/or strollers. Once you’re inside, you’re held just outside the entrance to Radiator Springs (AKA “Cars Land”).

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my heart melted

To be fair, Masterchef is for “home cooks.” The adults never claimed to be experts. They are, by definition, wannabes.

I did love just how much the judges pushed these kids, but at the same time, helped them learn even while they were competing. Just heartwarming to see these tough guys lower their guards to work with the kids. Who were all, by the way, better cooks than many of the adults we’ve seen on the show, which is CRAZY.

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i’m that obnoxious girl that’s like disneyland is better than disney world

because it is

like seriously if you give me the argument “IT’S BIGGER” what are you 5 is that even an argument

'because it is'

And that’s a better argument…?

Having finally been to both, there’s something to be said for both. Disneyland Resort has more rides than all of Walt Disney World, and they’re all within walking distance of each other. Plus the Grand Californian is the only hotel with a private entrance into a Disney theme park. And oh my goodness, Cars Land is perfect. It’s an unbelievable feeling walking right into a Pixar movie.

That said, I like the immersion and theming in Walt Disney World better. With more space to deal with, they were able to do things like better isolate parts of each parks from the others. That was sorely missing in Disneyland. Now if they can just get some more rides going in Florida.

Disneyland Resort Trip Report - Day 1

September 8 , 2013

Sorry this trip report has been so long in coming. I’d planned to write it sooner but my job got VERY busy right after we got back. It’s been worth it, but it means I’ve put this off longer than I’d wanted to. Mea culpa.

Day 1 - Hotel Check-In, Disneyland, Café Orleans, Magical, Fantasmic

We flew out of Seattle (SEA) at 7AM on a Horizon Air flight to Long Beach (LGB). Why Long Beach? I have found that I prefer smaller airports when available. Long Beach is roughly the same distance to Disneyland Resort as John Wayne (SNA), but the cost was about half as much ($197 per person vs. nearly $400 pp). We also paid under $200 for a Premium rental car, so the money we saved on the flight paid for a very nice Ford Taurus for the trip. Of course, we didn’t end up using the car nearly as much as we’d thought, since we decided to play the trip by ear a bit.

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Nov 2nd I’ll be 30

This is a grown woman’s blog

and then some


25 in November

31 in October.

25 in October :D

35 on Friday

27 in November. Also, whoa, that’s two friends, both in their mid-thirties, having birthdays on the same day.

Thirty-four years old on September 25th.
I say again, thirty-four.

I am officially older than God.

28 (but it’s good to know there are thirtysomething people here on Tumblr because I already feel Tumblrancient especially when this post’s default mode is like OVER 20 IS SO OLD)

22. Feel free to start singing the Taylor Swift song when you read this.

27 going on 28. o>

42… I’m the answer to life, the universe and everything, bitches! BAM!

yep ! 32 at the end of the year :D

30 as of July. Also, I can’t get over what people consider old. Just you wait.

37. Most of the time I feel like a dirty old man on Tumblr. Then I remember, I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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